Interviews from Behind the Bar: Chris Marshall


1) Mixology is? “It’s a continuation of a practice that’s existed since alcohol was around. It’s not something new. It’s just receiving more attention now because it’s becoming more sophisticated.”
2) Favorite part about working in Chinatown? “It’s completely different than my neighborhood or where I grew up. It’s a bizarre place. You see weird things here every day, really weird things.”
3) It’s 2 a.m. and your shift is over, what now? “I get on my bike and I ride 5 miles home.”
4) When I’m not working I’m? “In my studio making art.”

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Wood Crate Romantics


My! What charming packaging you have. {The better to woo you with, my dear.}

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Wigs + Apotheke = ?


Kiki, bar back and prep guy, wig-ified, and standing next to Matt, expediter. We'll let the facial expressions speak for themselves and, no, wig-ified is not a real word.

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Farm Fresh Elixir- Joe P's Peachy Reverie


Our beloved mixologist Joe P recently had a dream about playing baseball with a bucket of peaches and a giant cinnamon stick. Naturally we couldn't ignore such tasty visceral visions, so we asked him to hit a home run with this week's Farm Fresh Elixir. Rumor has it, Joe was last seen moon walking across home plate, cocktail in hand.

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Smoked Negroni Cocktail Ingredient: Lapsang Souchong


Lapsang Souchong, used in our Smoked Negroni cocktail, has long been hailed by herbalists for its health benefits. The antioxidants contained in this tea have been shown to help with heart health and are recognized for providing a calming effect. Legend even goes that when Princess Catherine, who is credited for bringing the custom of tea time to England, got married to King Charles II, she made sure that she brought along her favorite tea, Lapsang Souchong, with her from Portugal.

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Meet "The Amazing Kiki"


Kiki or “The Amazing Kiki,” as most of Apotheke’s employees call him, doubles as bar back and prep guy. The backbone of Apotheke, here he’s pictured (right) with our head mixologist, Nicolas, (left). We'll let the rest of the picture speak for itself.

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Farm Fresh Elixir Series


This week, Apotheke begins a new “Farm Fresh Elixir” series. Each week one of our resident mixologists will create a special cocktail featuring sustainably grown, local produce. To keep things interesting the showcased elixir will debut each Monday and will only be available for one week. This cocktail series aims to further celebrate our commitment to collaborating with and supporting local farmers.

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Deal Closer Cocktail Ingredient: Horny Goat Weed


Horny Goat Weed, the secret ingredient in our Deal Closer cocktail, is a relatively new sensation in the United States. Other countries, however, have marveled at the existence of this plant and its aphrodisiacal properties for centuries. The legend is that horny goat weed was initially discovered by a Chinese goat herder who noticed increased sexual activity in his herd when he fed his goats this plant. In fact, in China, where this herb is known as yin yang huo, the plants medicinal attributes have been studied for hundreds of years.

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“Always trust the mustache.” –Kyle Taylor


The wise words of our bar manager.

Photo by Sheila Griffin.

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Manhattan Cocktail Classic Visits Apotheke


New York City, “the city that never sleeps,” is a place famous for its nightlife, something that is recently becoming synonymous with cocktails. Therefore, every year when the Manhattan Cocktail Classic comes to New York City there is no shortage of participants. Attendees have the opportunity to take part in more than just the nightlife aspect of cocktails, as the Classic provides them with the ability to learn anything imaginable about cocktails. Hence, when the Manhattan Cocktail Classic came to Apotheke the focus was on healing, as our mixologists led a class called Take Your Medicine.

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